5 Tips for Saving Money on Car Insurance in Florida

All Florida drivers are required to have car insurance. But what if you’re on a really strict budget, and can’t afford to pay high premiums? Here are some tips on how to get the best deals on car insurance in Florida.

Compare the Prices Online

As they say, “Seek and you shall find.” Go online to compare the car insurance Florida providers and the kind of packages they offer. Too many people stick to one insurance company their whole lives just because they think they’re too busy or tired to look for another one. However, you can do all your research online, right in the comfort of your own home.  Besides, most car insurance Florida companies can provide you with a quote in just minutes!

Increase Your Deductible

Deductible is the money you put upfront before you can make an insurance claim. You may try to scrimp here and just go for a $100 deductible (or the barest minimum) but that actually ends up costing you more. Insurance companies give discounts and lower premiums to those who are willing to pay higher deductibles. 

So ask yourself, “How much of car repair or damages can I afford to handle on my own?” Is it $500? $1000?   The insurance covers the rest. If you don’t think in these terms, and just try to get away with the lowest deductible possible, you’re buying insurance you don’t actually need.

Ask About Discounts

Many car insurance Florida providers will provide special discounts or bonuses and some of them may even surprise you There are cases where honors students get discounts on their first car insurance policy, or for filing for paperless online application. Some companies like will also give a package rate if you combine both your homeowners insurance and car insurance, or you get insurance for more than one car.

Reduce Coverage for Secondhand or Old Cars

If you’ve got a brand new and expensive car, it makes sense to get as much car insurance as you can reasonably afford.  But old or second hand cars that has already had its share of dents and fender benders may not need such extensive coverage. Avoid the situation where your insurance plan is more expensive than the actual car – because even in worst case scenarios where the car is totaled, you won’t be able to file anything greater than the market value.

Pay in Full

In general, paying monthly premiums turn out to be more expensive than if you just paid the annual insurance fee in one go. At least that’s one bill off your mind!